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Location and Distance

Works Distance By Road
  • From Ahmedabad City - Golf Ceramics Ltd.
  • 46.7 Miles(75.2 KM) Time Taken - 1 Hour 15 Minutes(Approximately)

  • From Ahmedabad International Airport - Golf Ceramics Ltd.
  • 47.6 Miles(76.6 KM) Time Taken - 1 Hour 15 Minutes(Approximately)

  • From Ahmedabad Railway Station - Golf Ceramics Ltd.
  • 50.8 Miles(81.8 KM) Time Taken - 1 Hour 35 Minutes(Approximately)

  • From Mehsana Railway Station - Golf Ceramics Ltd.
  • 10 Miles(16.1KM) Time Taken - 21 Minutes(Approximately)
Shipping Port Distance By Road
  • Mundra Port - Golf Ceramics Ltd.
  • 214.3 Miles(345 KM) Time Taken - 5 Hour 30 Minutes(Approximately)

  • Kandla Port - Golf Ceramics Ltd.
  • 152.2 Miles(245 KM) Time Taken - 4 Hour 35 Minutes(Approximately)

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Plant And Machinery

Manufacturing Process
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Slip House
We store all our raw materials over here. The basic raw materials we use are Feldspar, Quartz and clay is fed in the desired percentage in the Ball mill along with water and is mixed. The slip, which is the outcome of this process, is the basic raw material for our products.
Casting shops are divided into two - battery and bench - depending on the complication of the product. In this department, Greenwares are produced. The atmosphere in the casting shop is controlled as desired.
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Hot Air Dryer
The material from the casting shops is shifted to the dryer. Here, the Greenware is prepared for glazing and firing.
In this department, our designers prepare new models or modify new models/existing ones depending on the demands of the market.
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In this department, case moulds/moulds used in the production are made. First, the case moulds are prepared and from them running moulds are made that are used in the casting department.
Galaze Preparation
Here, the glaze/colors are prepared which are used in the glazing department to colour the Greenware.
Glazing/inspection department
The Greenware is shifted from the dryer to this department. First, there is a minute inspection and later different glazes/colors are spread on the Greenwares.
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Kiln Department
Here, the wares from the glazing department are shifted to the kiln on kiln-cars and are put in the tunnel kiln for firing. After firing, the wares are off-loaded and sent to the sorting department. Our kiln is a Natural Gas-based state-of-the-art German Fabricated machine for best results.
Sorting Department
The wares from the kiln are inspected here, and after proper gradations, shifted to the warehouse.
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Dispatch Department
As per orders from customers, the wares are packed and loaded on respective vehicles for timely delivery.
Quality Control
On a daily basis, random pieces are selected for specific quality and functional tests.
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The control laboratory is situated close to the raw material, glaze preparation and casting departments and is suitably equipped to control process quality. The pproduction is constantly monitored and together with raw material casting, adjustment of body recipes, matching glaze and body formulations, casting slip tests, grinding and blunging efficiently tests, casting and firing sample trials ensure the right quality of finished product that match international standards. Each and every raw material used goes through various kinds of vigorous tests such as moisture content, physical appearance, particle size distribution, specific gravity, thermal expansion, firing trials and theological property tests, i.e. fluidity, slip concentration, deflocculant demand and casting rate etc.
It is the place for all material and consumable goods.
Mechanical and Electrical Department
Here all the breakages/ breakdowns of any machinery is taken care of. Preventive measures and well as maintenance is looked after properly.


The total power requirement of the project has been put at 340 KW. The company has examined the feasibility of Natural Gas-based power generation for electric power and also as a fuel for firing of the kiln, which is economical as compared to the cost of bought out electricity/other conventional fuels.

The company is using two numbers of Gas-based 250 KVA generator sets. An agreement with Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited (GSPCL) for procurement of 5,000 cubic meters of gas/day with another 5,000 cubic meter/day supply on fallback basis has already been executed for a period of five years at this stage.

We use a Reverse Osmosis Plant for the treatment of the water from the bore well. This helps in improving the quality of the water and also makes it softer; a majority of the hardened particles and chemicals are filtered and taken into to the production for amazing results in the end product.

Care of the Environment
Our production process, at any level, does not give rise to any hazardous chemicals or effluents; so we have not installed any Effluent Treatment Plant as of now.

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