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Golf Ceramics Ltd. is a major and modernized sanitaryware manufacturer where the focus solely remains on "Quality with Perfection".

The Setting
Launched in 2006, Golf Ceramics Ltd. has a strong presence in 40 markets all over the world. Golf is now one of the largest single unit manufacturers of sanitarywares in India with a production capacity of 1.5 million pieces annually. It presently encompasses an area of over 150,000 sq. mtrs.

Due to the powerful production capacity, excellent cost effectiveness, extensive and systematic sales network, and state-of-the-art plant & machinery, we have made Golf one of the leading brands in African, Middle Eastern and European markets.

At Golf, we always keep on upgrading the product quality via high-tech methods, and enhance the products' technological contents and look. The products are manufactured by a team of competent and efficient people through the use of an appropriate German technology that is both fast-paced and innovative.

Technologically Advanced Systems
The company works on one of the finest and technologically advanced systems. Some of them are:

  • A German Fabricated Kiln, for the best firing process that is used by selective manufacturers in India.
  • A Semi-Automatic Bench Casting System to create perfect dimensions and flowing contours of our products.
  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) Technology to ensure water of maximum purity in its manufacturing plant.
  • Sifting and sorting through a pile to select raw materials of the highest grade.
  • Well-equipped Quality Assurance and R&D lab, which works on samples, carries out rigorous tests, maintains the stringent ISI control parameters and undertakes application-driven research into processes and materials to turn out more enlivening and appealing products.

Highlighting the pollution-free factor, the overall environment in the plant including the machinery and manufacturing processes, the hazardous effluents are properly taken care of.


We aim to achieve the following:

  • Increase our annual production to 3.5 - 4.0 million pieces, which is more than double of what we are currently holding.
  • To provide complete toilet and kitchen solutions to our customers, keeping in mind the international standards.
  • Setting up more manufacturing units so as to provide all Bathroom & Kitchen wellness products.
  • Setting up more Distribution & Sales networks in the entire the world.
  • Add more products to our existing range.
  • Increase serviceability along with aggressive marketing.
  • Expand market base by reaching out to even smaller destinations.
  • Being up-to-date and innovative.


There are many sanitary-ware providers in the market but we are distinct mainly because of:

  • Extensive Distribution and Sales Networks
  • Quality of the products.
  • Quality of Glazing
  • Whiteness of the Material
  • Material Symmetry
  • Water absorption
  • Anti dirt repellent technology
  • Timely commitments.
  • Expert handling and dispatches as per the convenience of all customers.
  • Customized products highly focused on the needs and requirements of buyers.
  • Terms and conditions, as per the customer and the market.
  • An established and a reputed brand in over 40 markets all over the globe, and growing.

We Aim At

  • Maintaining superior quality in all products and services that can delight the sensibility of end-users consistently.
  • Living on the leading edge, meshing art and advanced technology to create new products, new markets and new niches within existing markets.
  • Continually reinvesting the majority of our earnings in operational excellence. These principles have been powerful in driving the long-term success and character of the Golf organization. We discern that a company cannot be explained in terms of mission or principles alone. Human energy is required to give life and direction to a mission.

Our Vision

'Excellence' is a way of life at Golf Ceramics Ltd. It is a state that is continuously changing and evolving. It pushes us to reach even more challenging standards of performance. We stand committed in all our Endeavors to:

  • Excellence through Hi-Quality Products and Services and provide the Best Value for Money.
  • Excellence in our role and responsibility by creating in every employee the skills and the will, the 'Passion to Excel' by benchmarking to still higher levels of performance and creating 'The Future Today'.
  • Excellence in the use of the Best Technology to create the most innovative products and designs.

The Team

This young, dynamic company is driven by highly qualified professionals in the specific fields who want to make Golf Ceramics Ltd. a Global Leader in Sanitaryware.

The entire workforce is properly selected and individually trained to carry out specific roles in the most efficient manner.

Taking to Next Level
Are you are looking for a company with one step already in the future in this field? The definitive answer is Golf Ceramics Ltd., a name that rings bells among industry watchers. At Golf, the quest for perfection never ends; where the only question is "What Next"?

The Set-up
Golf Ceramics Ltd. is the brain-child of Mr Ashish Nemani, the CEO and Managing Director of this company. Established in 2006, it started commercial production in 2008, reached 90% capacity production by mid-2010 and is on way to touch 100% very soon. Our focus is always on "Quality with Perfection" in everything that we do. From its inception, we have strived to make Golf a standard for the Elite; it has been the perpetual driving force for us to make Golf what it is today. In fact, the company was launched specifically to cater to the demand of High Quality San-ware for the African, European and Middle Eastern markets.

CEO's Message

We, at Golf, believe in providing the 'highest quality' in everything that we make. For us "Customer Satisfaction" is the most important criteria. We intend to leverage our leadership by pursuing global strategic opportunities through the investments that we have made. We will continue to invest in innovative breakthrough technologies in the ceramic field because we know that in this era of global competitiveness and borderless economies, only productive organization's delivering quality goods and services can prevail, prosper and grow.

We have prepared ourselves to accept larger challenges, and now we must forge ahead with greater momentum to achieve our corporate goal, which is of making Golf Ceramics as one of the biggest competitors in the sanitaryware and bathroom wellness markets across the world.

I would like to express my gratitude to God, all my employees, customers, distributers and all my professional advisors who have always been there for making Golf Ceramics what it is today, and I look forward to many more decades of greater success for our company.

I am sure that you will find several products of interest to you in the website, and these interests may plant the seed for a productive relationship between Golf Ceramics and you. Do feel free to write to us about your requirements and how we can be of better service to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You,
Warm Regards

Ashish Nemani
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director


  • We are already under the process of obtaining, "Product Certification" from "The Bureau of Indian Standards" which is a benchmark in standardizing and certifying products in India.
  • Also are in process of obtaining ISO-4001-2008.
  • We use Natural Gas for our production process, in turn, helping a clean environment.
  • We have set up a plant for the re-use of the Glaze of our rejected pieces, in turn, making efficient use of our raw materials and least wastage.


  • At Golf today, we are running at 90% production capacity and produce 1.5 million pieces per annum.
  • We are capable of developing any San-ware product with the help of our Research & Development Team as per the needs and requirements of the customers.
  • A Semi-Automatic Bench Casting System to create perfect dimensions and flowing contours of our products.
  • We are capable of dispatches as per the needs and requirements of our customers depending on their convenience.
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